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I believe we all have our own unique journey & that we don’t have to fit just one category. We don’t have to be just one thing. We all have an & (AND), together, let’s build a life you love to live.

Jessica Brubaker Brutiful Journey Self Care Therapist
hey there

I'm Jessica

A therapist by day and personal development junkie by the rest of the hours.  Formerly known as Miss Brubaker (former teacher over here) but most of my friends call me Bru.

I am a writer, a speaker, a podcast host and connoisseur of chips and salsa.  Whatever it is that brings you here, I hope you find some wisdom, guidance and inspiration.  Check out the tabs to navigate to the blog, the podcast and all things Bru-tiful.  Thanks for being a part of my journey and for allowing me to be a part of yours.

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The Blog

Make Space for Yourself in Your Own Life Through Personal Development

As the world changes, and as we change, the pursuit of self-development has become more crucial than ever.  Each day…

This post is about Self-Care…kind of

In the world we live in, it seems like everything is moving at warp speed.  As we age, time even…

What You Are Missing in Your Goal Setting Practice

  The beginning of the year has a lot of us thinking about goals.  Some will call them resolutions, some…

The power of a Gratitude Practice

If you have a therapist, if you know a therapist, if you are a therapist…heck, maybe even just if you…

Don’t postpone your joy

I just returned home after a week at the beach.  It was rough.  And I don’t mean that sarcastically.  …

How am I taking care of myself today?

In Arizona, schools announced yesterday that they would be closing physical buildings, moving to distance learning in many cases, for…

Showing up as your best self in times of crisis.

Self-care when you are social distancing and therefore stuck in your home….it isn’t easy, is it?  It also isn’t easy…

Your body is talking to you…are you listening?

The human body is a pretty incredible thing.  We are built to survive this world and what it has to…

Please welcome our next speaker: Jessica Brubaker

February 21, 2020 is a day that I will not soon forget.  In fact, I am pretty confident that it…

Failing my way forward

I am entering my last week of training for a half marathon.  About a year ago, I decided that taking…

2020 Vision

The practice of intention setting sometimes gets a bad rap.  Many times, I have experienced people calling it weird.  They…

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The Podcast

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"Jessica is one of the most relatable and genuine teachers out there. Her podcast is filled with lessons that anyone can benefit from and she makes you feel like you are sitting in the room with her just chatting. She is filled with wisdom, humor, and all around kindness!"


Podcast Listener

"The Brutiful Journey just might be one of my favorite forms of self care. Jessica's honest and insightful conversations give me space to reflect and evaluate my own actions or emotions as I listen to her episodes. It is empowering for me to acknowledge my own feels and think about next steps. Take some time for yourself and join the journey! It is worth every minute."


Podcast Listener

"The thing that that sets Jessica’s Vision Board activity apart from teenage yearning and poster board making is that she leads this activity with intention and desire to shape your life. This activity was really meaningful to me and gave me a better look inside myself. I was able to see what my wants are and what is actually important to me. The guided meditation she offers before the activity was like a mental stretching exercise before the start of “the run” aka the Vision board. This prepped you for reaching into the depth of your mind pulling out the things you want to make up your life. I was able to analyze and even see things I wanted to work on and add to my normal. I was able to notice that I was restricting my current self on things that I desired for my future self. Since this activity I have honestly been able think more critically on why not right now or how can I start integrating this into my life? I put my vision board up in a space where I see it everyday and every day I am reminded that within my life I am in charge. I get to choose what my life consists of. I would recommend Jessica’s Vision Board activity to anyone feeling restless, curious, or even indifferent. It is priceless to have a tangible look at your values and what the inner you is truly longing for."


Vision Board Workshop Participant

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